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This Is Where I Meet Hungry New Writers

This Is Where I Meet Hungry New Writers When time allows, I switch on this website. Because of all the greed and cynicism in the Industry, it inspires me to meet idealistic new talent. Plus I’ve made some lasting friends. For now, the doors are open. The Script Doctor is in.

I Cut My Teeth as a Studio Reader

I Cut My Teeth as a Studio Reader I used to read for stars, studio chiefs, creative execs and Producers. Several thousand scripts later (not to mention those I’ve written), I know what works—and what doesn’t.

Screenwriting is Forever Collaborative

Screenwriting is Forever Collaborative Getting writing credits is always a thrill. Apart from the paycheck, they represent real recognition in a business that is loathe to give it—unless you’re a movie star. But to earn them you first have to learn how to receive, process, and implement creative notes. Because of what we call Ego, that’s easier said than done.


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It’s not a “System” It’s a Process

With one simple goal.

A good story well told.


Only Seven Stories

From Shakespeare to Spielberg and beyond,
almost all stories we spin fall into seven
basic archetypes.

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Matt Damon In Drag?

No. “A Girl on Fulton St., New York” 1929.
But it makes the point: Always write a role
with a star or actor in mind.

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As Old As The Hills

Storytellers have been around since the
beginning of time. What was true then
is still true now.

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Who am I?

Some Helpful Hints


My Story

When I first showed up in LA with ambition but no clue about screenwriting, I talked my way into a job as a story analyst at a major studio.

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They are exceedingly hard to come by, AND our careers are filled with peaks and valleys.

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My Method

Writing is rewriting
No formulas
No negative notes

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