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“Although I’d been writing creatively for over thirty years, I was unsure of my abilities as a screenwriter and with no-one to turn to who was ‘in the know’ I chose to go with Script Doctor to critique my first script.  His assessment was not only brutally spot-on, he gave me the courage to keep going. And because of his steady hand and constructive critiques, five years later I am now in negotiations with a producer and a production company to set-up my newest action-thriller. There are many others, but only one Script Doctor.”

Steven L. Fournier, Atlanta


“A couple of years ago, I brought a seriously mangled screenplay to script doctor Laurence Frank. It was a thriller, and he helped me completely re-imagine it. He never said, "do this" or "do that" -- all importantly, he gave me the confidence to make the creative choices for myself, all the while knowing I had competent back-up just a phone call or email away. After working with Mr. Frank for several months on the screenplay, I'm excited to report that as of now there have been two legit option offers as well as a film production company in Mumbai that is in serious negotiation with my NY agent -- an agent I got because of the quality of the screenplay made so much better by Mr. Frank.  One of the dozens of incredible things about him, what was most beneficial for me was not his ability to do a deep dive into the material I presented to him (which he did with breath-taking results), but his instinct about, and insight into, the story that remained inside of me instead of being on the page. Mr. Frank is not the least expensive script doctor out there (nor the most expensive) but working with him was an exciting, productive and (in a good way) challenging experience. Since my initial consultation with him (on the screenplay), I've come back for more help and I brought him a box full of notes, ideas and aborted attempts at writing for what is now my fourth novel. He excels at helping writers -- of both scripts and novels -- and he does it by genuinely caring about the material and equally about the writer. No need to believe me, simply call or write to him. I'm not a gambler, but I bet that within ten minutes of talking with him, you'll be quietly hoping he's not too busy to take on you and your project.”

Frank Freudberg, Philadelphia


“Laurence Frank is a true professional.  His analytical insight was invaluable and resulted in the successful release of my film, Kill Speed.”

Kim Bass, Los Angeles


“As a nascent screenwriter, I was looking for guidance on my first screenplay, "Falcon Rising".  I found Laurence Frank on the internet, and he was a great find.  Laurence touts himself as a script doctor, but I think of him more as a script surgeon.  He quickly devoured and dissected my screenplay and came back to me with amazing advice on scene length, story arcs, character arcs, and how all of these elements could be blended into a finely honed script.  Laurence is honest and thoughtful in his analysis.  His thorough evaluation and sincere advice have been invaluble to me in my development as a writer, and I give him my highest endorsement.  Thanks, Laurence.”

John K Tillotson  

CEO Mahasagar Creative, Grand Rapids, MI


“I was very impressed with the quality and depth of notes.  Laurence's professional insight into the craft , and vast knowledge of it, eased the rewrite process. I have a heightened confidence about my Script and definitely recommend The Script-Dr.”

Jason Kierce

Up and coming writer, "2159"


“I never cease to be amazed at his originality. There's a worker in my building who is writing a screenplay.  I recommended that he send his script to you to be critiqued. You're the best in the business!”

Claire Knopf, Fort Lee, N.J.


“I enjoyed working with Laurence on my very first treatment project. He is very encouraging , patient and easily accessible. He has a wonderful way of correcting you without making you feel insecure. His commentaries are very well thought out and will challenge you to make your script better.”

Charlotte G.


“I had a freelancer and a script agency critique my first two scripts.  Not pleased with the work of either, I sent them to Laurence  Frank.  WOW - what a difference, his work, suggestions and straight forward honesty helped make my scripts better than I ever thought possible.  I will definitely use his services again.”

Robert Hinds

Toluca Lake, Ca.


“As an Executive Producer of numerous primetime television series, I have worked with Laurence Frank for many years.  During that time, Laurence has become an invaluable asset in the development of many of my projects.   Laurence is a highly skilled story consultant, whose ability to read and critique material is unparalleled. His innate sense of story, along with his ability to edit and re-imagine material, crosses all genres and all themes.”

Eddie Barbini

Emmy Nominated Executive Producer, Writer/Director

"Dirty Jobs" (Discovery Channel); "The Miracle Detective" (Tru TV); “Arrest & Trial” (w/Dick Wolf); “Guilty or Innocent” (Discovery Channel); “P.I.” (w/Gavin Polone), and many more.


“Whoever said those who can.... do, and those who can't .... teach, never got script notes from Laurence Frank -- who does both par excellence. While many 'script gurus' come with their rigid rules and bag of tricks, Laurence has the rare ability to see the heart of your specific story and personally guide you to make it the best it can be.   Laurence has been a working scribe in the trenches -- writing pilots, TV episodes and features. There's lots of info on how to write a screenplay, but not a lot on how to fix one. Whether it's your first feature or tenth dramatic series, you will learn valuable lessons from a highly experienced script doctor.   I've been taking his notes for fifteen years --  four series, nine pilots, two features, countless episodes and a mini-series. He's the first person I call after I write The End.”


Executive Producer/Writer

“In the Mix” starring Usher, “Ghosts” 4 hour miniseries (Lions Gate/A&E); “Chrystal Meth Cowboys” (Fox TV/Spike); “Gabriel’s Fire” starring James Earl Jones (NBC); “Under Suspicion” with Eriq LaSalle & Paul McCrane (CBS).


“When it came time to segue from Motion Picture packaging at a top level talent agency to creative/story development for major studios such as Miramax, Disney and Sony Pictures, Laurence was my first call.  He is without question “the script guru”.  After a thoughtful read, he immediately dissects the material and breaks it down in terms of structure, character development, story, theme and genre. Quite simply, his invaluable guidance and vision, aid in determining what works and what doesn’t.  From this point, his concise notes, and clever story suggestions, bring the material to its highest level.  I offer Laurence the highest praise – “don’t submit a script or shoot a series or film without his keen eye.”

Stacey Heinz

Former Creative Executive

Los Angeles


“As a former UCLA screenwriting student, I have had the pleasure of learning the craft from many excellent instructors.  However, one in particular, Laurence Frank, stands out as exceptional. Laurence’s dedication to each project in the workshop is unparalleled.  He will tell you what works.  He will tell you what needs work.  But, his most valuable notes will delve into the emotional core of each piece, which ultimately raises the quality of the work to new heights.  In short, he invests himself into each story as if it were his own.  It is this quality of personal investment from which each student (writer) benefits.  No reader or instructor that I have encountered reaches out to understand the writer’s intent with Laurence Frank’s thoroughness.  Laurence Frank works for the writer and, in many instances, can be considered an extension of the writer.  Without hesitation, I highly recommend Laurence Frank for your script doctoring needs.”

Steve Kuroda

Screenwriter Los Angeles


“Laurence Frank has really helped my writing.  He provided me with a quick turnaround on my material and gave me good, no-nonsense notes that were on point and really focused on what would improve the story.  I would recommend Laurence to anyone.”


LA Screenwriter


“There's always a good story in our script, it's just a matter of finding it. I came to Laurence with a story I was very passionate about; yet, I knew something in it was missing. He was able to identify the heart of the story, suggest ways to cut away the fat and give it direction. This was the feedback needed to take it to the next level.”

Aaron Celious

Writer/director Los Angeles


“The notes on both my screenplay and my historical novel were illuminating.  An inspiring author himself, Laurence has a masterful grasp of dramatic structure combined with a contagious enthusiasm.  Instead of feeling demoralized and incapacitated, as I had feared, I was energized and emboldened.”

John Fulton


San Francisco 



Extremely effective communication skills.”

Fantastic grasp of script work, does not coddle, does not seem too overbearing.  Very good notes.”

Puts a great deal of time and thought into evaluations.  Conference on script really very valuable.”

He took the time to bring out the best aspects of my material.”

Brilliant guy, quick thinking, very intuitive.”

Laurence puts in time, thought, and then does it again for rewrites.  He’s amazing.”

He presents a detailed analysis of scripts with very helpful criticism.”

Laurence puts in an immense effort and amount of time.  He excels on all levels.”

As a professional script doctor and screenwriter, Mr. Frank had the ‘inside’ knowledge one only gets from experience.”

He articulates complicated concepts into very digestible terms.  He is open and accessible.   He focuses on goals of writers and gives good ideas and suggestions on how to achieve them.”

Mr. Frank is compelling.  He is extremely knowledgeable about the craft and the business of screenwriting.  His criticism is compassionate and always on target.”

I’ve paid script consultants lots of money and next to Mr. Frank they were total rip offs.  I have several other scripts that I want to bring to him.”

Laurence is amazing at what he does.  A natural.”

Laurence gave me a detailed analysis of my script and was very supportive in creating an atmosphere to help me take it all in.”

Laurence Frank has a unique ability to pinpoint the problems in a script and to absolutely peg the solution.  I was extremely satisfied with my experience.”

Mr. Frank is an incredible communicator and extremely knowledgeable.  I have the utmost respect for him and feel that I have definitely gotten my money’s worth, and then some.”

He is generous with his time and is very agreeable and helpful.”

Working with Mr. Frank has helped give me the tools I need to advance my career.”

Laurence Frank is one of the best.  I will certainly contact him again with my next script.”

Laurence is terrific.  After getting so discouraged, he surprised me with positive solutions to all my script problems.”

Laurence’s enthusiasm is absolutely contagious and his energy is captivating.  He obviously spent conscientious time on my script and was able to communicate all the steps I needed to develop my idea.”