Why We Write



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We write because we need to.
We write despite the impossible odds against making that spec sale, or selling a show.
We write because in our hearts beats a voice that needs to get heard.

We write because we are writers.

This is our being. Some of us are lucky enough to make a living from it. Some of us, a great living. But let me ask you this: has not making a living at writing stopped you from writing? If it has, I don’t think you’d be here.

This is a place that is only about writing. Your writing. This is a place where your voice gets heard.

I cut my teeth in the Industry as a studio reader. I read for stars, for studio chiefs, for producers and execs. That led to a great stint as a researcher for top writers, and finally to my own writing career, which continues (I’m very happy to say) to this day.

Every so often, I turn on this website to meet hungry new writers. In a cynical, cutthroat industry where even the best eat their young, the energy working with striving writers who, in and around their day jobs, find time to pursue their dreams, excites and inspires me. After my successes, after my long haul grappling for every square inch on my own, I love the idea of putting myself out there as mentor, guide and avatar … paying forward what no one did for me.

For now …. the doors are open.

The Script Doctor is in.